Report A Missing Casualty
Many people are undertaking research into specific regiments, battles, campaigns or simply researching their family histories. During this research, a missing name can sometimes be stumbled upon. Such names deserve to be brought ‘in from the cold’.
If you think you have found a name missing from the CWGC Debt of Honour and do not wish to pursue the matter yourself, you can report it to IFCP and we can follow up the research. If appropriate, the Project can then take the case forward to obtain official commemoration. Many people have passed their possible cases to the Project since it came into being and we are always happy to help both individuals and organisations with potential cases.
If your case involves the in-service death of a British serviceman or woman during the two world wars, we can fit the casualty into the standard process for submitting such cases to CWGC and the Ministry of Defence. If your case involves a post-discharge death, we can advise on what evidence will be required to submit the name for commemoration. You can then process the case yourself or we can do it for you. At all times, the originator of the case is credited as the finder of the missing casualty.
CWGC also records the names of Commonwealth civilians who died during the Second World War through war causes. IFCP can help process these cases also. Likewise, the Project has also put forward a number of names which appear to be missing from the new Armed Forces Memorial and its associated Roll of Honour commemorating British personnel who died whilst in service from 1948 to the present day.
You can report any such missing names to IFCP here.
In From The Cold Project
Ensuring that the sacrifice of British and Commonwealth servicemen in two world wars is not forgotten.